Tips for a Stay-at-Home Economy By Brett Aaron Ulrich

Brett Ulrich

June 29, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich

The stay-at-home economy created by Covid-19 has become hard for many to tolerate. As businesses remain closed or operating strictly from home, the lack of an ending point can challenge companies. Thankfully, Brett Aaron Ulrich has provided some tips for those struggling in this stay-at-home economy. The following suggestions should help those businesses working from home stay focused and successful through this challenging time.

Brett Aaron Ulrich: Digital Platforms are Critical

The stay-at-home economy is likely here to stay, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, for months or longer as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads. Instead of panicking, he suggests taking advantage of digital and online platforms to spread business. For example, digital messaging platforms help to make it easier to connect to a more significant number of potential customers, Brett Aaron Ulrich states.

Just as importantly, platforms such as Microsoft’s Active Directory and Novell’s eDirectory help to make communication between homes easier. Is your business classed as non-essential? Never fear, Brett Aaron Ulrich states: send your employees home, hook them up with some laptops, and get some work done at home. This change doesn’t have to be adverse if you’re willing to adapt.

For example, there is a chance that this type of “stay-at-home” work environment may work very well for your company. Some workers may find that they work better when at home because of their anxiety about their pets, children, and other aspects of their life are smaller. Yes, the social element is hard to replace, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, but that can be negated in a variety of ways.

For example, if your company is having a hard time adapting to a lack of social interaction – which is often so key to morale, Brett Aaron Ulrich states – try to schedule weekly social gatherings via Zoom or other meeting platforms. Seeing the face of co-workers and hearing their voices can help build a more reliable connection and make work more enjoyable and exciting.

Find Ways to Streamline Your Operation | Brett Aaron Ulrich

Lastly, Brett Aaron Urlich suggests that you make your business as efficient as possible to cut costs and increase profits. First of all, it is essential to cut back on needless expenses. Though you should still be advertising, it may be a good idea to focus mostly on your digital platforms. Remember – most of your customers are going to be home. Brett Aaron Ulrich argues that most will likely be using the internet, and your SEO marketing needs to be higher as a result.

And you may need to lay off a few workers until things get back to normal. Though this can be a hard choice, many states have increased their unemployment pay, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, which can make it easier for them to stay financially strong until you can hire them back when things are back to a more stable state.