Five Microsoft Tips And Tricks Tech Wizard Brett Aaron Ulrich Wants Business Owners To Know

Brett Ulrich

July 16, 2020

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be tech savvy – but tech expert Brett Aaron Ulrich knows sometimes it is easier said than done. Tech industry guru Brett Aaron Ulrich is releasing five productivity tips to help business owners make the most out of their Microsoft Office Suite, helping you to take your work speed to new heights. 

First, Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends using keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your time. This is especially key if you use a device with a standard mouse. Each time your hands leave the keyboard, Brett Aaron Ulrich says that you’re losing precious work time. When you utilize shortcuts with the keyboard, you’re able to get your device to perform quickly without losing time. 

Ever paste within a document and have your formatting destroyed? Brett Aaron Ulrich says that formatting issues are a key time waster. It’s easy to avoid formatting issues when you’re copy and pasting. Instead of using the standard shortcut ctrl+v, Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends using ctrl+alt+v. Formatting issues are gone, and the text you’re pasting will fit seamlessly into your new document. 

According to Brett Aaron Ulrich, you should take a look at how to set up your Word docs. When you glance to the top of your Word setup, you’ll see that you have heading options. Use these when you’re building text for a website. Words that are in headings can help to boost your online visibility, according to Brett Aaron Ulrich. This can make you more likely to pop up when someone searches for terms related to your business. 

Sending a document to someone else to have them take a look? Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends doing yourself a favor and sending it in PDF format, rather than as a Word document. Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends doing this because when you send a PDF, you’re making it nearly impossible for anyone to edit a document. There’s nothing worse than someone sending back a document with a note that they’ve made a few changes… requiring you to search through the document to ensure that you agree with said changes. When you sent a PDF, you can still welcome feedback – it will just need to come in the form of an email instead, says Brett Aaron Ulrich. This allows you to pick and choose which changes you’d like to implement. 

Searching for a word within your document? Trying to remember where you placed some text? Use command+f to search for a single word within a document. This can save you precious time you’d normally spend reading and re-reading a document, trying to find a small amount of text that you’d like to change. According to Brett Aaron Ulrich, the key to maximizing your productivity is to make small changes that can save you seconds here and there. You don’t need a total overhaul of the way you work – a few little tips and tricks can make a huge difference.