Brett Aaron Ulrich: Staying on Task While Working From Home During Covid-19

Brett Ulrich

June 30, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich has watched the spread of Covid-19 with some concern because many businesses fail to adapt and struggle. As a successful business person, he believes that at-home work is not only going to be the way going forward during this crisis but the new reality for many people. 

How Brett Aaron Ulrich Stays Focused: Creating a Schedule 

Over the years, Brett Aaron Ulrich finds that working from home can be liberating for many people. However, Brett Aaron Ulrich has also seen many people struggle to stay on task. This problem may be even more pronounced during Covid-19 due to its unique demands.

The biggest tip that Brett Aaron Ulrich has to offer is to set to a precise schedule. Don’t start sleeping in and cramming all of your work into a short period. Instead, set your alarm for when you would generally get up and start work at the same time. And Brett Aaron Ulrich also suggests stopping at a standard time instead of pushing too hard. 

The idea behind this process is to make working from home feel more natural and like a job in an office. Brett Aaron Ulrich believes that setting these boundaries helps people get through the barrier of working from home and makes it easier to avoid distractions. Just as importantly, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests creating an office where you can work, as you can write off this office in your taxes. 

Rules are Important for Family-Oriented Homes 

Another big step that Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests is creating strict restrictions and limitations for those in your home when you are working. During Covid-19, multiple people may be working from home with their kids around. Creating offices for each worker – a desk in a bedroom is often enough for most – is just the first step that Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests. 

He also suggests talking to people in the house about the fact that you’ll be working from home and creating strict rules for when they can and can not speak with them. A shut door with a “No Entry” sign is often good enough, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests, as it will communicate a person’s need to work and let others know when they can talk to them. A set schedule for lunch and other home needs may also be the right choice for many in this situation. 

And as many companies realize that they can save a lot of money with at-home employees, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests using time-tracking apps to keep on task. These apps will alert a person when they have spent too much time off duty or gently guide them back to work. In this way, Brett Aaron Ulrich believes that working from home can become as natural as typical office jobs for most people.