Brett Aaron Ulrich Explains How Small Businesses Can Benefit from an Investment in Technology

Brett Ulrich

June 29, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich

Small Businesses Often Fail Because of Not Investing in the Technology that Can Help Them Succeed, Explains Brett Aaron Ulrich

Small businesses try to do everything themselves. They fail because they cannot compete with other businesses in their industry. Brett Ulrich, a consultant at Janus Technology, spends his days working with companies to explore how technology can offer them custom solutions. With so many innovative tech solutions, companies need more comprehensive support than ever before.

With over 16 years of experience in configuration management suites, Brett Ulrich urges small businesses to look at how they can use technology to help them succeed. This includes automating many tasks that are currently being performed by management. Owners need to focus on growing their business, not being stuck in the back office completing the same tasks each and every day.

Brett Ulrich explains that while small business owners don’t want to spend the money, the investment can pay dividends. In many instances, businesses can save money with technology. They can reduce the number of hours they spend on some tasks, which can help on the payroll.

Brett Ulrich suggests that the time saved using better technology can be spent growing a business. It can free up the small business owner to market, make important updates to a website, and even work on getting new clients. It’s all a matter of identifying where the help is needed to look at what technology can be used to solve the problems.

Brett Ulrich has demonstrated how messaging platforms can be used to help many small businesses, too. This can be used to improve customer service and ensure that consumers are getting important questions answered. Meanwhile, various offerings by Microsoft can help with the back office. Rather than having to hire office personnel, businesses can use the convenience of various Microsoft programs.

Every small business needs to consider what tasks they’re spending the most time on. Then, Brett Ulrich says that it can be beneficial to sit down with an IT consultant to learn about the ways that technology can be used. Even a small investment can start to pay off. Further, there are many SaaS (software as a solution) programs that offer affordable subscriptions. Small businesses can start off with smaller subscriptions and upgrade as their business grows.

Brett Ulrich has seen firsthand how small business owners can succeed when they use the right technology. They can increase their revenue, generate more leads, and reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks. Any small business owner who doesn’t believe they need to invest in technology needs to talk with successful small businesses. Brett Ulrich can recommend technology for any small business, regardless of industry, to show how a small investment can go a long way.