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Five Microsoft Tips And Tricks Tech Wizard Brett Aaron Ulrich Wants Business Owners To Know

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be tech savvy – but tech expert Brett Aaron Ulrich knows sometimes it is easier said than done. Tech industry guru Brett Aaron Ulrich is releasing five productivity tips to help business owners make the most out of their Microsoft Office Suite, helping you to take your work speed to new heights. 

First, Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends using keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your time. This is especially key if you use a device with a standard mouse. Each time your hands leave the keyboard, Brett Aaron Ulrich says that you’re losing precious work time. When you utilize shortcuts with the keyboard, you’re able to get your device to perform quickly without losing time. 

Ever paste within a document and have your formatting destroyed? Brett Aaron Ulrich says that formatting issues are a key time waster. It’s easy to avoid formatting issues when you’re copy and pasting. Instead of using the standard shortcut ctrl+v, Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends using ctrl+alt+v. Formatting issues are gone, and the text you’re pasting will fit seamlessly into your new document. 

According to Brett Aaron Ulrich, you should take a look at how to set up your Word docs. When you glance to the top of your Word setup, you’ll see that you have heading options. Use these when you’re building text for a website. Words that are in headings can help to boost your online visibility, according to Brett Aaron Ulrich. This can make you more likely to pop up when someone searches for terms related to your business. 

Sending a document to someone else to have them take a look? Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends doing yourself a favor and sending it in PDF format, rather than as a Word document. Brett Aaron Ulrich recommends doing this because when you send a PDF, you’re making it nearly impossible for anyone to edit a document. There’s nothing worse than someone sending back a document with a note that they’ve made a few changes… requiring you to search through the document to ensure that you agree with said changes. When you sent a PDF, you can still welcome feedback – it will just need to come in the form of an email instead, says Brett Aaron Ulrich. This allows you to pick and choose which changes you’d like to implement. 

Searching for a word within your document? Trying to remember where you placed some text? Use command+f to search for a single word within a document. This can save you precious time you’d normally spend reading and re-reading a document, trying to find a small amount of text that you’d like to change. According to Brett Aaron Ulrich, the key to maximizing your productivity is to make small changes that can save you seconds here and there. You don’t need a total overhaul of the way you work – a few little tips and tricks can make a huge difference.


Brett Aaron Ulrich: Staying on Task While Working From Home During Covid-19

Brett Aaron Ulrich has watched the spread of Covid-19 with some concern because many businesses fail to adapt and struggle. As a successful business person, he believes that at-home work is not only going to be the way going forward during this crisis but the new reality for many people. 

How Brett Aaron Ulrich Stays Focused: Creating a Schedule 

Over the years, Brett Aaron Ulrich finds that working from home can be liberating for many people. However, Brett Aaron Ulrich has also seen many people struggle to stay on task. This problem may be even more pronounced during Covid-19 due to its unique demands.

The biggest tip that Brett Aaron Ulrich has to offer is to set to a precise schedule. Don’t start sleeping in and cramming all of your work into a short period. Instead, set your alarm for when you would generally get up and start work at the same time. And Brett Aaron Ulrich also suggests stopping at a standard time instead of pushing too hard. 

The idea behind this process is to make working from home feel more natural and like a job in an office. Brett Aaron Ulrich believes that setting these boundaries helps people get through the barrier of working from home and makes it easier to avoid distractions. Just as importantly, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests creating an office where you can work, as you can write off this office in your taxes. 

Rules are Important for Family-Oriented Homes 

Another big step that Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests is creating strict restrictions and limitations for those in your home when you are working. During Covid-19, multiple people may be working from home with their kids around. Creating offices for each worker – a desk in a bedroom is often enough for most – is just the first step that Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests. 

He also suggests talking to people in the house about the fact that you’ll be working from home and creating strict rules for when they can and can not speak with them. A shut door with a “No Entry” sign is often good enough, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests, as it will communicate a person’s need to work and let others know when they can talk to them. A set schedule for lunch and other home needs may also be the right choice for many in this situation. 

And as many companies realize that they can save a lot of money with at-home employees, Brett Aaron Ulrich suggests using time-tracking apps to keep on task. These apps will alert a person when they have spent too much time off duty or gently guide them back to work. In this way, Brett Aaron Ulrich believes that working from home can become as natural as typical office jobs for most people.

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Brett Aaron Ulrich Provides 5 Tips for Working at Home During COVID-19

Brett Aaron Ulrich opens up about the difficulties of working from home and provides 5 tips on how to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Brett Aaron Ulrich is a senior consultant with years of experience under his belt. More importantly, he has worked with dozens of companies that maintain large remote workforces. Brett Aaron Ulrich helped migrate many companies to more remote architectures and platforms. His consultation services proved invaluable in a world that is increasingly moving toward work-from-home positions in just about every sector of the economy.

This experience gives Brett Aaron Ulrich first-hand knowledge of the difficulties associated with working from home. As COVID-19 forces many companies to move from a physical office to a virtual workplace, many business owners and employees are having to play catchup.

Brett Aaron Ulrich Gives 5 Tips for Working at Home During the COVID-19 Crisis

Fortunately, Brett Aaron Ulrich has the expertise to help employees navigate the complications of switching to a remote work environment. Here are some of the top tips Ulrich has for new remote workers:

Get Ready for Process Changes

“Whether you’re an accountant or a secretary, you’ll need to get ready for changes to your daily responsibilities. You may be doing some of the same tasks, but you’ll likely have to do them in a different way. This is especially true when it comes to communicating with coworkers, clients, and suppliers. You can no longer walk over to the conference room for a meeting. Now, everything takes place in a virtual environment.” – Brett Aaron Ulrich

Learn How to Use New Tech

“Most business meetings now take place on Zoom or other video call applications. Project management applications like Slack and Asana are also very popular. However, you may have zero experience with any of these platforms. Hopefully, your employers will help you learn the ropes, but if they don’t, you need to be ready to educate yourself quickly.” – Brett Aaron Ulrich

Treat Your Home Like Your Office

“This is one of the hardest parts for people who are not accustomed to working from home. Just because you don’t have a commute doesn’t mean you should treat your work any differently. Dress the part, act professionally, and fulfill your responsibilities as you normally would. If you don’t you could easily find yourself out of a job.” – Brett Aaron Ulrich

Eliminate or Avoid Distractions

“Most people’s homes are full of distractions. You have television, children, pets, chores, and a million other things trying to pull your attention away from work. If possible, set up your workspace in a quiet part of your home or apartment that gives you a chance to focus. Even if you can’t do that, you must find a way to tune out distractions and get down to work.” – Brett Aaron Ulrich

Don’t Get ‘Cabin Fever’

“Being stuck in your house during work AND off time can get stressful. So, whenever possible, find ways to take little breaks throughout the day. Take a walk around your neighborhood, check the mail, or just sit on the patio. Getting outside of the cramped environment will help you keep your sanity while you work from home.” – Brett Aaron Ulrich


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Brett Aaron Ulrich Explains How Small Businesses Can Benefit from an Investment in Technology

Small Businesses Often Fail Because of Not Investing in the Technology that Can Help Them Succeed, Explains Brett Aaron Ulrich

Small businesses try to do everything themselves. They fail because they cannot compete with other businesses in their industry. Brett Ulrich, a consultant at Janus Technology, spends his days working with companies to explore how technology can offer them custom solutions. With so many innovative tech solutions, companies need more comprehensive support than ever before.

With over 16 years of experience in configuration management suites, Brett Ulrich urges small businesses to look at how they can use technology to help them succeed. This includes automating many tasks that are currently being performed by management. Owners need to focus on growing their business, not being stuck in the back office completing the same tasks each and every day.

Brett Ulrich explains that while small business owners don’t want to spend the money, the investment can pay dividends. In many instances, businesses can save money with technology. They can reduce the number of hours they spend on some tasks, which can help on the payroll.

Brett Ulrich suggests that the time saved using better technology can be spent growing a business. It can free up the small business owner to market, make important updates to a website, and even work on getting new clients. It’s all a matter of identifying where the help is needed to look at what technology can be used to solve the problems.

Brett Ulrich has demonstrated how messaging platforms can be used to help many small businesses, too. This can be used to improve customer service and ensure that consumers are getting important questions answered. Meanwhile, various offerings by Microsoft can help with the back office. Rather than having to hire office personnel, businesses can use the convenience of various Microsoft programs.

Every small business needs to consider what tasks they’re spending the most time on. Then, Brett Ulrich says that it can be beneficial to sit down with an IT consultant to learn about the ways that technology can be used. Even a small investment can start to pay off. Further, there are many SaaS (software as a solution) programs that offer affordable subscriptions. Small businesses can start off with smaller subscriptions and upgrade as their business grows.

Brett Ulrich has seen firsthand how small business owners can succeed when they use the right technology. They can increase their revenue, generate more leads, and reduce the time they spend on mundane tasks. Any small business owner who doesn’t believe they need to invest in technology needs to talk with successful small businesses. Brett Ulrich can recommend technology for any small business, regardless of industry, to show how a small investment can go a long way.


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Tips for a Stay-at-Home Economy By Brett Aaron Ulrich

The stay-at-home economy created by Covid-19 has become hard for many to tolerate. As businesses remain closed or operating strictly from home, the lack of an ending point can challenge companies. Thankfully, Brett Aaron Ulrich has provided some tips for those struggling in this stay-at-home economy. The following suggestions should help those businesses working from home stay focused and successful through this challenging time.

Brett Aaron Ulrich: Digital Platforms are Critical

The stay-at-home economy is likely here to stay, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, for months or longer as the Covid-19 pandemic spreads. Instead of panicking, he suggests taking advantage of digital and online platforms to spread business. For example, digital messaging platforms help to make it easier to connect to a more significant number of potential customers, Brett Aaron Ulrich states.

Just as importantly, platforms such as Microsoft’s Active Directory and Novell’s eDirectory help to make communication between homes easier. Is your business classed as non-essential? Never fear, Brett Aaron Ulrich states: send your employees home, hook them up with some laptops, and get some work done at home. This change doesn’t have to be adverse if you’re willing to adapt.

For example, there is a chance that this type of “stay-at-home” work environment may work very well for your company. Some workers may find that they work better when at home because of their anxiety about their pets, children, and other aspects of their life are smaller. Yes, the social element is hard to replace, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, but that can be negated in a variety of ways.

For example, if your company is having a hard time adapting to a lack of social interaction – which is often so key to morale, Brett Aaron Ulrich states – try to schedule weekly social gatherings via Zoom or other meeting platforms. Seeing the face of co-workers and hearing their voices can help build a more reliable connection and make work more enjoyable and exciting.

Find Ways to Streamline Your Operation | Brett Aaron Ulrich

Lastly, Brett Aaron Urlich suggests that you make your business as efficient as possible to cut costs and increase profits. First of all, it is essential to cut back on needless expenses. Though you should still be advertising, it may be a good idea to focus mostly on your digital platforms. Remember – most of your customers are going to be home. Brett Aaron Ulrich argues that most will likely be using the internet, and your SEO marketing needs to be higher as a result.

And you may need to lay off a few workers until things get back to normal. Though this can be a hard choice, many states have increased their unemployment pay, Brett Aaron Ulrich states, which can make it easier for them to stay financially strong until you can hire them back when things are back to a more stable state.


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How Brett Aaron Ulrich Manages Client Expectations Effectively

Brett Aaron Ulrich Brings A Wealth Of Experience To Each Project

Keeping up in today’s fast-moving technology space requires maverick tenacity and skill. Brett Aaron Ulrich answers this call. Brett Ulrich has a diverse knowledge of different applications in different venues. With over 16 years of experience with Microsoft SNS, SCCM, and active directory architectural work, Brett has extensive knowledge With Microsoft and Novell directory services, applications, and messaging platforms. His computer software experiences range from directory service migration, administration, and architecture.

In terms of Brett Aaron Ulrich’s migration experience, he has the tech world in the palm of his hand. His migration experience includes Microsoft active directory, Novell’s directory, and Domino, as well as message platform migration. These message platform migrations include Exchange, GroupWise, Notes, as well as many POP3 peripheral applications. With more than 53 migrations of directory services in message platforms, Brett proves to be a vigorous addition to any project.

How Can Brett Aaron Ulrich Assist Your Business

Brett Aaron Ulrich takes the time to get to know exactly what you need for success with your business. Customizing your software suite is the key to client satisfaction. His extensive knowledge of scripting undergirds his ability to support application deployment and configuration. There are no holes or gaps in the client experience. Every T is crossed and every I is dotted. His computer software, programming, and architecture are flawless.

Brett Aaron Ulrich‘s extensive experience laid the foundation for how he manages his clients with precise efficiency. Custom solutions are the way of the future. Brett has embraced this concept and brings this ideology to his clientele. His clientele includes global Fortune 1000 companies. There is no corporation or company that is too large or too small for Brett Ulrich’s brand of expertise. In addition to working with a multitude of Fortune 1000 companies, Brett has also worked with various US federal agencies, US state, and local governments, as well as private small-cap corporations. Often his clients request that he return for additional projects.

Because Brett Aaron Ulrich has worked in so many varied locations and businesses, he has nuanced experiences. This proves to be a boon for his clientele. With their input, he is able to create the necessary programming applications for unparalleled success. His clients bring their expectations to the table and Brett Aaron Ulrich brings the way, the how, and the know-how to meet them. This is how Brett Ulrich meets his clients’ expectations effectively. His clients trust that he has the experience to understand their goals and how to achieve them.

Brett Aaron Ulrich‘s careful planning is key. If something doesn’t make sense, Brett can explain it to his client so that a solution can be found. Understanding that custom software application is designed to be configurated in the planning stage is crucial. Brett Ulrich has taken his design expertise to the highest level.