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Brett Aaron Ulrich is a senior consultant with extensive experience that spans the major Microsoft and Novell directory services, applications, and messaging platforms. He has worked on a large number of projects including administration, architecture, and migrations. Brett Aaron Ulrich has specific experience with directory service migrations including Microsoft’s Active Directory, Novell’s eDirectory, and Domino, as well as message platform migrations including Exchange, GroupWise, Notes, plus many POP3 peripheral applications. Brett Aaron Ulrich has worked on more than 53 migrations of Directory services and message platforms. In addition to migrations, Brett has over 16 years experience with configuration management suites (Microsoft SMS, SCCM) and Active Directory architectural work.

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July 16, 2020

Five Microsoft Tips And Tricks Tech Wizard Brett Aaron Ulrich Wants Business Owners To Know

As a business owner, you know how important it is to be tech savvy – but tech expert Brett Aaron Ulrich knows sometimes it is easier said than done. Tech industry guru Brett Aaron Ulrich is releasing five productivity tips to help business owners make the most out of their Microsoft Office Suite, helping you […]

June 30, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich: Staying on Task While Working From Home During Covid-19

Brett Aaron Ulrich has watched the spread of Covid-19 with some concern because many businesses fail to adapt and struggle. As a successful business person, he believes that at-home work is not only going to be the way going forward during this crisis but the new reality for many people.  How Brett Aaron Ulrich Stays […]

Brett Aaron Ulrich
June 29, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich Provides 5 Tips for Working at Home During COVID-19

Brett Aaron Ulrich opens up about the difficulties of working from home and provides 5 tips on how to work remotely during the COVID-19 pandemic. Brett Aaron Ulrich is a senior consultant with years of experience under his belt. More importantly, he has worked with dozens of companies that maintain large remote workforces. Brett Aaron […]

Brett Aaron Ulrich
June 29, 2020

Brett Aaron Ulrich Explains How Small Businesses Can Benefit from an Investment in Technology

Small Businesses Often Fail Because of Not Investing in the Technology that Can Help Them Succeed, Explains Brett Aaron Ulrich Small businesses try to do everything themselves. They fail because they cannot compete with other businesses in their industry. Brett Ulrich, a consultant at Janus Technology, spends his days working with companies to explore how […]

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